Mortgage Loan APR

APR Calcs

When obtaining a mortgage many times consumers are confused about the Mortgage loan APR versus the Interest Rate on their mortgage.  The APR or Annual Percentage Rate is a way to compare different options and mortgage offers for a consumer.  The idea behind APR is to help consumer shop for the best deal when looking for […]

Sourcing Assets for a Down Payment

Unraveling the assets!

Sourcing Assets for a down payment is often the biggest hassle in buying a home. Basically, you must prove that the money you use is actually yours, and not from an undisclosed loan that could possibly have a monthly payment requirement. This is called “sourcing assets”. This rule applies not only to your down payment, closing […]

Mortgage Points and when to Pay Them.

Mortgage Points?

In the loan process many times when we talk to new clients they really don’t understand what points are and why it matters to understand if paying points make sense. A simple way to think about points is they are an upfront investment to get a lower interest rate that will pay out over time. […]


Don Roberts

Welcome to the blog for Goldwater Bank in Meridian, ID! It is our intention to make this blog your professional source for all mortgage related questions and inquires. Our mission and passion is to help our clients get into the home of their dreams!  With our years of experience and know how, we can guide […]