Welcome to the blog for Goldwater Bank in Meridian, ID!

It is our intention to make this blog your professional source for all mortgage related questions and inquires. Our mission and passion is to help our clients get into the home of their dreams!  With our years of experience and know how, we can guide you through this complicated process with little stress!  Qualifying for a mortgage is something that people usually only do a few times in their entire lives and the task can be daunting and overwhelming, especially given the fact that loan guidelines are constantly changing!  As seasoned professionals who do this on a daily basis, we are here to help!  We can assist you in discovering what loan will work best for you, where your credit scores need to be to get qualified and if you need help in repairing or establishing credit.  We can go through the options for down payment, how much you need and the advantages of putting more or less down based on your goals and ambitions. We can also help you figure out a monthly payment that will meet your budget so that you can shop for homes within your price range. Each month we will be making blog posts that go through all of these steps and more so please check back often. We are excited and happy to help!

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